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Rethinking Old Ways: The Tried is Not Always True

I’ve had a running chain of thoughts going through my head lately as I consider my goat herd’s health vs my personal health.  I am a licensed pharmacist in 2 states and have practiced my trade in a variety of settings: hospital, clinical, commercial retail, and independent retail. My background is most assuredly in Western Medicine and influenced by Big Pharma. Big Pharma has failed me, though. My goats, whom I treat primarily with herbal products for both maintenance and acute issues, THRIVE, while my own health has spiraled downhill like falling dominoes since 2011. I’m happy to share the details with anyone who cares to know. To avoid rambling here, I will just state that since 2011, I have had 11 surgeries, both major and minor; been treated with numerous antibiotics, including 6 weeks of IV vancomycin, which kicked my butt and further destroyed my already impaired hearing; had several bouts of C Diff and widespread candidiasis from far too many antibiotics; and the dominoes just keep falling. Ultimately, the difference in my goats’ health and my own got me thinking about personal “management.”  Several years ago, I switched to a gluten-free diet, which has helped.  Last fall, I added a candida-free diet plan, which helps when I am disciplined to stay on it. Still, I am not where I desire to be; and, as I face yet another surgery, I am desperate to break this cycle.  One of my sons recently remarked to my husband that he doesn’t remember me ever being sick while he was growing up, whereas now I am constantly sick or at least sub par and missing out on things I’d like to be doing.

A very small part of my professional education included a fabulous class on Natural Products, which we laughingly called “Weeds and Seeds.” It was taught by the man who received tremendous recognition for developing a means of extracting a higher yield of tamoxifen, which is used to treat breast cancer, from Pacific Yew trees, which are home to white spotted owls. When the rest of the world was screaming “Save the Owls,” he found a way to “Save the Tatas” using a natural product.

Why Young Living?

Heretofore, I have unrelentingly eschewed ANY and EVERY multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, including those involving essential oils (EOs). Part of my skepticism with EOs comes from my pharmacy background. Realizing, though, that Western Medicine is failing me in a major way, I thought back on my Natural Products class, where I learned that natural products WERE the first medicinals. Thus I began investigating a few EOs on my own.  I’ve been known to add Thieves to my sinus rinses; and, though the experience is best described as “Fire in the hole,” it helps.  I have found a few other oils that also help me with pain, both muscular and from osteoarthitis. My sister and daughter are both WAY ahead of me as regards EOs and have confirmed my findings and experience.  Ultimately, I went with a budget and a shopping list to  my friend, Susan Canon, whose integrity I trust.  She is affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils.  Why did I choose Young Living?  The pharmacist in me liked the fact that YL oils are therapeutic grade. Ditto their “Seed to Seal” commitment to purity and quality control; and Young Living’s commitment to sustainablity likewise appealed to the homesteader and goat farmer in me.

In short, I am a bargain shopper; and though I had pretofore sworn NEVER to be affliated with MLM, it was cheaper for me to sign on as a member and purchase the starter kit, which contains 11 EOs, a diffuser, and a few other things. I am anxious to start on oregano oil, which I purchased separately in hopes of getting my immune system back on track and ending this beaten path to the operating room!

Supporting the Herd


I have already used EOs in my herd. Most recently, I had a doe who freshened with 2 huge knots in her udder. Mastitis was a big concern, as they were warm to the touch and seemed to be tender. I was diligent to massage Peppermint EO into her udder at every milking and at some point they disappeared. Peppermint acts as a vasodilator, allowing for increased blood flow to affected areas. I had forgotten about those knots until I got her first 2017 milk test results back. Her somatic cell count, an indicator of udder health, was an impressively low 1.7, as reported. Yesterday, I had JUST finished wiping down my kitchen counters with Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner when I went to the barn and wiped out a bucket with 409 spray cleaner. I stopped, looked at the bottle, and asked myself, “WHY?”  When I go to such extremes to feed my goats non-GMO grain and hay, treat them with herbal products, etc., so that we can safely drink raw milk, WHY am I using harsh chemicals in their feed buckets? Suffice it to say, a spray bottle is on my shopping list so that I can take a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner to the barn for quick wipe downs where needed.

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My Promise to You

Many people have benefitted from adding Chaffhaye to their feeding regimen as I’ve shared my success with the product.  As I add EOs to my personal and herd management, I’m sure I’ll have tidbits to share. As an enrolled Young Living member who lives by the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” here is my promise to family and friends:

  • Integrity is everything to me. I will always be upfront about my successes and failures.  Already I am happy to admit I was wrong about the “hoopla” surrounding essential oils.
  • I am happy to answer questions and research answers if I don’t already have them. I will learn right along with those who ask. The pharmacist in me is driven to research and providing accurate answers, not sales pitches.
  • I will not bombard you with reminders, private messages, enticements, pop-up parties, etc.  I’m not offended by them. That’s just not my style.
  • While I am willing to place orders for people, I am not out to market actively.  My husband is a bona fide sales rep. I am not.  I will gladly enroll you as a member, as I believe that will get you the best bang for your buck; but I won’t “ride you” as some kind of team leader to achieve that dream vacation in LaLaLand. However, if we can help one another, please join me on my journey to wellness!
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